Virtual Consultations

This service is a convenient option for patients who desire a customized virtual consultation with their advanced practice provider.

Our healthcare professionals are specialized in a variety of medical fields including women’s health, pediatrics, family medicine, surgery, dermatology, lifestyle medicine, patient advocacy and cancer support services. We love offering our knowledge and experience to the Home Sweet Health community and support our patients in a way that best accommodates you!

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching sessions for patients wanting hands-on discussion and guidance along their health journey. From troubleshooting obstacles to brainstorming the best ideas for your health, we can cover what you need in these comprehensive sessions.

Maybe you already have this whole “health thing” figured out. Our sessions are specialized to fit your needs and offer accountability. We address the whole picture of your health including stress management skills, sleep health, nutrition, coordinating follow-up specialist visits, and reviewing your SMART goals.

Along with General Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Coaching we also provide specialized services:

Patient Advocacy

Home Sweet Health believes in empowering our patients with the skills to navigate their healthcare and advocate for their medical needs.

These virtual visits provide patient services, eliminating obstacles in access, medication reconciliation, question formulation for follow up visits, and referral support. With this service, we help to streamline and guide a patient through the healthcare system.

Hospital discharge Support

A trip to the hospital can be an overwhelming experience for patients and their families.

Our team is trained to review discharge summaries, reconcile medication lists, discuss diet and physical activity restrictions, and recommend extra equipment needed. We can also provide a periodic at-home visit for vitals assessment and wound care needs.

Covid-19 Consultation

Visit with an Advanced Practice Provider to discuss prevention and treatment for Covid-19, lingering Covid-19 symptoms and other questions.

Women’s Health

Our team addresses women’s health concerns ranging from hormonal imbalances and fluctuations, menstrual irregularities, and hormonal acne.

We formulate a plan and discuss best treatment options with availability to prescription treatment if necessary. We also help new moms with resources, support, and education- what to expect, postpartum blues vs. depression, etc.

Teen Wellness

This service can be customized to help your teen depending on their needs. We coach teens on healthy lifestyle medicine habits ( social connectedness, sleep health, prioritizing time, social media, stress management) as well as women’s health concerns (hormonal imbalances and fluctuations,
menstrual irregularities, and hormonal acne).

(With availability to prescription treatment if necessary.)

Discover Cancer Support

Our Advanced Practice Providers have many years of experience working with oncology patients from diagnosis to treatment.

We are skilled in reviewing test results, managing expectations, supporting family members, reviewing overall plan and next steps, discussing restrictions, and assisting with follow up visits and referrals.

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This allows us to lay the foundation for what to expect along your journey. We look forward to working with you toward your goals!




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